RP Technik is certified according to OHSAS 18001

Occupational safety and the protection of health are the mainstay of any successful enterprise. Our long-standing corporate principles reach far beyond the confines of accident prevention. Health and well-being are an unwavering concern of our company.

Environmental protection

RP Technik is certified according to ISO 14001

We are responsible for the environment we inhabit. A stable environment is key to our sccess as a company, both now and in future. Envirionmental protection, when practised on a daily basis, is a prerequisite for building our common future. For this to happen all employees need to pull together in one direction.


RP Technik is certified according to ISO 9001

Seamless quality control at all stages of the production process are a sure-fire guarantee of RP Technik´s commitment to unimpeachable quality when it comes to delivering impeccable high-grade profile systems.