Add-on facade system RP-tec 50-1 installed in new waterpark & spa in Euskirchen, Germany

21. April 2016

Since December 2015 the Waterpark & Spa in Euskirchen is inviting for recovery.

The planning and execution of the construction of the Waterpark & Spa has been realized by the company Wund. The metal working company Dilger Metallbau realized a major part of the curtain wall construction - 5500 m2 with the RP Technik add-on facade system RP-tec 50-1.

The reasons in favor of a steel add-on facade system are obvious: large span width allow more light incidence and transparency. In addition the use of a steel construction gives a higher quality impression.

Architectural highlight of the construction is the giant glass roof with a  200 tons heavy glass cupola that can easily be opened by just pushing a button, so that on warm and sunny days the visitors can enjoy the nice summer days in the open.