Nostalgia meets modernity - RP-hermetic FINELINE in the Carreau du Temple, Paris

18. February 2015

After four years of renovation and an investment of €34.8 million, the revamped Carreau du Temple shines more beautifully than ever before.

In April 2014, the Carreau du Temple — located in the heart of Paris — was reopened and now functions as a centre for intercultural meetings, sporting events and courses, music concerts and performing arts.

The actual complex was built in the 16th century and used primarily as a market hall and clothes bazaar. What can now be seen of the former "Marché du Temple" only accounts for a third of its original size. Originally comprising six market halls, there are now only two; these have been renovated with a total of three kilometres of RP profiles.

Due to static requirements, specific special profiles were developed and produced for the Carreau du Temple, inspired by the RP-hermetic FINELINE series. The RP-hermetic FINELINE series is ideally suited for use in the conservation of such buildings with historic charm and ambience - the profile system perfectly complements the building's nostalgia. The extremely slim elevation widths of the profiles contribute to the fact that a lot of light passes through the large and transparent steel and glass surfaces into the interior, contributing to a modern sense of space.