Fences – guarantee for best relationships

Things of value need protection.

For this reason RP Technik offers sophisticated fence systems that protect man and beast
from danger areas and protect property from unauthorised access.
Individual solutions, based on RP Technik fence systems, provide the base for planning and
creating fences with both discrete appearance and unique character.
The durability of fences is improved by coating with plastic or powder coating which will extend
the working life for generations and create individual optics. A complete range of accessories and extensions opens ways to expand the fence in one complete system.
RP Technik demonstrates openness in fences – openness for your ideas and needs.

RP fence systems - fence posts with PVC and PE coating

We can offer you:

Fence posts made of steel tubes




Tube diameter and wall thickness according to DIN 2458

Pregalvanised according to DIN EN 10147 with a zinc layer of min 20mµ.

Hot-dipped galvanised according to DIN EN 50976 with an inner and outer zinc layer of min. 56mµ, max. 80mµ


PVC coated
PE coated




Coating on the tube,
glued or plastic coated, with static proof.
We supply non-certified statics for standard and special applications.
Tested quality.
A test certificate from a national materials test institute confirms the durability of the coating against all typical corrosion influences.
We guarantee a five year anti-corrosion protection.

Our product range of fence posts



Available with the following finish:

  • galvanized
  • galvanized / PVC and PE coated
  • galvanized / glued / PVC and PE coated


  • Green RAL 6005
  • Grey RAL 7030
  • Other RAL colours for decorative pipes and fence posts can be supplied upon request.

Types available 

  • lengths of 4.75- 9m depending on the outer diameter
  • all fixed lengths
  • ready for installation, including corresponding accessories

RP fence systems - special types of fence posts     

Single-side climb over protection (angled)
Available with 45° or 55° angle or any angle between 45° and 90° upon request. Further options: outward or inward angle; angle section and tube made of one piece to prevent corrosion at the intersection.
The angled section cannot be disassembled. Barbed wire can be mounted on the inside and the outside.










Mesh fixed at corner and end posts

by means of a plastic coated round bar of 10mm and an aluminium or galvanized steel mesh bar, dimensions: 20 x 5 mm, including pipe brackets,
post end covers.

PVC end covers made of coloured, weatherproof PVC for posts with a diameter between 34.7 and 103.1 mm diameter.
Eye covers for posts with a diameter between 34.7 and 77.6 mm.


Bar and bridge connections

Aluminium hinge covers for pipe dimensions between 34.7 and 61.3 mm. Cap with slot for re-tensioning, connected by means of stainless steel pipe clamps for 34.7 to 90.4 mm posts.

Coach bolts, same quality of material. Nuts with fixed washer directly transfer pressure to the pipe.

T-connectors for barriers
for galvanized or PVC coated standard and handrail pipe of 61.3mm, type: aluminium or polyethylene/black.

Angular connector for barriers

for galvanized or PVC coated pipes of 61.3mm, type: aluminium.

Door frame profiles for gates and doors

Inner covering provided by meshed material with stainless steel brackets.