Thermal insulation in combination with extremely narrow widths

Monument preservation meets superior architecture: Thermal insulation in combination with extremely narrow widths.

System description:

  • System for windows and partition walls in steel
  • Various window types and opening styles are possible: Turn, tilt, top-hung, double casement, lowering/projecting windows, internal or external opening, fixed glazing
  • Extremely narrow widths
  • Various glazing bead contours
  • High static values of profiles due to new compound technology
  • Special geometries - radius of 300 mm possible
  • Concealed drainage
  • Building depth of 70 mm, combinable with RP-ISO-hermetic 70/70 plus
  • Varienty of fitting options, from nostalgic to modern (even concealed fittings)

 State of the art fabrication:

  • Glazing beads for mounting
  • Gaskets for clipping
  • Dry and wet glazing for frames and sashes possible
  • Formed parts for double casement version and gaskets
  • No plastic in weld areah

Certified system properties:

  • Thermal insulation according to (DIN EN ISO 10077)
  • Rain permeability, class E750 (EN 12208:1999-11)
  • Air permeability, class 3 (EN 12207:1999-11)
  • Wind load, class C4 / B4 (EN 12210:1999-11/AC:2002-08)
  • Impact resistance, class 1 (EN 13049:2003-04)  
  • Operating strengths, class 1 (EN 13115:2001-07)
  • Mechanical load, class 4 (EN 13115:2001-07)
  • Test of compound values, fulfillment of requirements class CW / TC 2 / A (EN 14024:2004-10 Paragraph 4.3)
  • Test of compound values, requirements fulfilled (DIBt-Guideline, 17th year, no. 6 1986-12 Paragraph 2.2)



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